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By Dr. Anjali Arora & Dr. Vrinda Arora

Pregnancy is a time jam-packed with friendly anticipation. during the last few a long time prenatal exams and counseling became vital elements in tracking the future health of the infant in addition to the mummy. this can be to avoid complications.

This e-book provides a close description of the exams required in the course of each one trimester and the ailments that will impact the mum and the newborn. It enumerates basic measures to accommodate nausea and different irritants confronted by means of pregnant ladies. vitamin suggestion and the do's and don'ts to assist devour correct are many of the salient beneficial properties of this book.

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Dr. Anjali Arora did her MD from woman Hardinge scientific collage and S.K. sanatorium, New Delhi. drawn to lipids and preventive cardiology, she joined the Escorts center Institute and examine Centre, New Delhi, as a specialist in 1993. She controlled the Hyperlipidaemia Prevention health facility there for almost seven years. at the moment she is operating at Sir Ganga Ram health facility as a Senior advisor in...

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Wear comfortable shoes and if one must stand for long periods of time, put one of your feet up on a low stool or box. Bending and lifting -Bend at the knees, not your waist. Keep the load close to the body, lifting with the legs and not the back. If a load is too heavy to handle, ask for help. Keep stress under control Think positive -Look for humour in stressful situations. Talk it out - Share frustrations with your spouse or friends. Relax -Practise relaxation techniques. Breathe slowly and imagine yourself in a calm place.

Mirror twins They are mirror images of each other and are rare. They have organs on the opposite sides. One twin will have the heart on the right side instead of the left and will be opposite-handed to the other twin. Complications of a multiple pregnancy Preterm (or early) labour resulting in premature birth. Slow intra-uterine growth restriction of the babies or one twin is due to sharing of all nutrients from the mother Birth defects Anaemia Problems during a multiple pregnancy Excessive weight gain Excessive vomiting Gestational diabetes Toxaemia of pregnancy (high blood pressure) High chances of an operative delivery (Caesarean section) Post partum haemorrhage (excessive bleeding after delivery) When a mother is diagnosed with multiple foetuses she is prescribed more rest than required during a normal pregnancy.

Drive safely and carefully. Comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes should be worn while travelling. The seat belt should be fastened below the belly and across the pelvis. This would give minimum discomfort to the baby on abrupt breaking as he or she is well cushioned by the amniotic fluid and the uterine muscles (which act as excellent shock absorbers). Use of Computers or VDU (Visual Display Unit) It is impossible to prove that the use of VDU in pregnancy is 100 per cent safe. Though a lot of research regarding this aspect has been conducted, evidence of harm to mother or foetus on use of computers has still not been established.

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