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Surface Modification Technologies XIII: Proceedings of a conference held in Singapore, 7-10 October 1999

The forty six papers awarded at this occasion hide demanding fabrics, Lasers and floor Melting, Electrodeposition and overview of converted Surfaces, Thermal Spray options, Nitride Coatings and evaluate of changed Surfaces.

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Youthful features, head tilted to one side on left shoulder. Fig. 8, 3. A74. Area 1, stratum 3: "Dionysiac" frieze. Vaguely defined human form reaches with both hands for a bunch of grapes from a stylizedvine. Fig. 8, 4. A71. Area 5, stratum 2: "Dionysiac" frieze. Nude male reclines on left elbow, and reaches for a bunch of grapes from vine. Fig. 9, la and b. A49. Area 1, stratum 3: Two "cupids" in medium relief sport with the tail and head of a feline between projecting fillets which frame the scene.

Although they fit tightly together, the two faces are not a true positive and negative. Instead, the lines on the "negative" are also raised, and run in a double rank, creating shallow channels into which the single lines of the "positive" fit exactly. The method of manufacture or formation could not be deduced from any evidence on the fragments themselves. Because salts can look deceptively like plaster at times, it is possible that one of the sides merely bears the impression in salts and leached plaster of the other side, but this is by no means obvious from even the closest examination, and the possibility remains that both fragments are the product of manufacture.

XVI. Stuccoeswith low relief, b and c: enigmaticdouble image, a and Pl. XVIIa. Pl. XVIIa. A16 (Area 92, stratum 1). Pl. XVIIb. A137 (Area 1, stratum3). Pl. XVIIc. A 138 (Area 11, stratum2). Pl. XVII. Stuccoeswith medium to low relief, b and c: enigmaticdouble image, a and Pl. XVIa. Pl. XVIIIa. A50 (Area 201, stratum3). Pl. XVIIIb. A40 (Area 201, stratum2). Pl. XVIIIc. A79 (Area 5, stratum2). Pl. XVIII. Stuccoeswith medium to high relief. Pl. XIXa. A45 (Area 5, stratum2). PI. XIXc. Detail of 15b.

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