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Modula-2 is a straightforward but strong programming language that's appropriate for a wide selection of functions. it really is in keeping with Pascal, a winning programming language that used to be brought in 1970 through Niklaus Wirth. in the course of the 1970's Pascal grew to become the main commonly taught programming language and it won popularity in technological know-how and undefined. In 1980 Dr. Wirth published the Modula-2 software­ ming language. Modula-2 is an evolution of Pascal. It improves at the successes of Pascal whereas including the MODULE - a device for ex­ urgent the family among the most important components of courses. In advert­ dition Modula-2 comprises low-level good points for structures application­ ming and coroutines for concurrent programming. Programming languages are vital simply because they're used to precise principles. a few programming languages are so constrained that sure rules cannot be simply expressed. for instance languages that lac okay floating element mathematics are irrelevant for clinical com­ putations. Languages similar to uncomplicated and Fortran that lack recur­ sion are incorrect for textual content processing or structures programming. occasionally a programming language is useable for a definite appli­ cation however it is way from perfect. an outstanding instance is the trouble of writing huge courses in natural Pascal. Pascal is a negative language for giant jobs since it lacks amenities for partitioning a application viii Preface 6< ; ~~~~er zero\ Sheet steel Tube /" zero (to Affix Eraser to Shaft) ~ hole wood Shaft A Lead middle determine 1. An exploded diagram. into separate items that may be constructed independently.

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Here is a program to perform that calculation. 2. "); WriteLn END END MakeChange. Since mixed operations aren't allowed in Modula-2, you have to be careful when you write expressions that involve the comparison operators and the arithmetic operators. It is legal to compare arithmetic expressions but it is illegal to perform arithmetic on the results of a comparison. The rules for expressions are discussed more fully in a later section of this chapter. For now you should note that the expression Part I.

Most of this book focuses on the ideas that underlie Modula-2, and on practical use of the language. However this section discusses the basic elements of a Modula-2 program; the programming language equivalents of participles and punctuation. A Modula-2 program is simply a sequence of words (symbols). There are four basic symbol types in a Modula-2 program: identifiers reserved words and operators numbers strings Reserved words and punctuation symbols are part of the Modula-2 language. They are the landmarks that you use to express your program ideas.

If you stay on the tracks you will usually (but not always) stay within the bounds of the language. In some cases legal phrases are disallowed because of their meaning or context. ) Just as there are only a few basic shapes for train tracks in a switch yard, there are only a few basic railroad diagrams. The next few sections present the four types of railroad diagrams that are used in this book. 1. 1. Sequence The simplest syntax diagram dictates that elements must appear in a fixed sequence. For example a LoopStatement consists of the word LOOP followed by a StatementSequence followed by the word END.

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