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By Peter Tremayne

In A.D. 664, King Oswy of Northumbria has convened a synod at Whitby to listen to debate among the Roman and Celtic Christian church buildings and choose which will probably be granted primacy in his country. At stake is way various disputed issues of formality; Oswy's selection may possibly impact the survival of both church within the Saxon kingdoms. whilst the Abbess Etain, a number one speaker for the Celtic church, is located murdered, suspicion falls upon the Roman faction. so one can diffuse the tensions that threaten to erupt into civil struggle, Oswy turns to Sister Fidelma of the Celtic Church (Irish and an recommend for the Brehon court docket) and Brother Eadulf of the Roman church (from east Anglia and of a family members of hereditary magistrates) to discover the killer. yet as extra murders ensue and a treasonous plot opposed to Oswy matures, Fidelma and Eadulf quickly locate themselves working out of time.

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Fidelma's World The Sister Fidelma mysteries are set during the mid- seventh century AD. Sister Fidelma is not simply a religieuse, a member of the community of St. Brigid of Kildare. She is also a qualified ddlaigh, or advocate of the ancient law courts of Ireland. As this background will not be familiar to many readers, this foreword provides a few essential points of reference designed to make the stories more readily appreciated. " Even among these provincial kingdoms, there was a decentralization of " power to petty-kingdoms and clan territories.

There now, do you see the black outline on the top of those cliffs? " From this distance, Brother Eadulf could not make out much beyond the small black outline that the man had indicated. It stood just before what seemed a crevice in the cliff. "That is our harbor," the captain said, as if reading his thoughts. "That is the valley of a small river named the Esk which empties into the sea just below the abbey. " The old captain shrugged. "Perhaps within the hour. It depends on this shoreward breeze and the running tide.

Hilda cast a glance of annoyance at Colman. His comparison of Northumbria to a wilderness was another demonstration of his superior attitudes, which had increasingly annoyed her over the last three years. She nearly made a rejoinder, but hesitated and turned back to Fidelma. She was disconcerted to find the bright green eyes fixed penetratingly on her as if the girl could read her thoughts. Their eyes locked for some time, as if challenging each other. It was Bishop Colman who broke the silence.

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