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By Carl W. Blegen, Richard Stillwell, Oscar Broneer, Alfred Raymond Bellinger

The major discoveries in the course of the 1926 season of excavations at the fort above the most website of historical Corinth have been the principles of the temple of Aphrodite and a extraordinary Hellenistic concrete vault erected to guard the spring of higher Peirene.

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EAST WALL OF BUILDING SPRING OVER ....... 9~~~~~". ~~~:~~~~~s~~~~~~~~,~~~~~;~~~~~~~~t:;~~~~~~~~~i~~~~~T"~~~~~~~4"~~~~~~~ ik I:,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. . . 7. FIGURE 36. BYZANTINE GRAVE FIGURE WEST 37. VAULT WALL FROM OF BUILDING EAST, SHOWING ABOVE SPRING THE [[ 37 37]] CORINTH 38 rested against a small stone slab. The hands were at the throat, and the whole attitude, and the absence of any apparent grave, indicated that he had met his end by violence or perhaps had been buried alive.

For convenience I shall speak of the sides and ends as though the orientation were simply north-south. 00 m. 60 m. The walls are not exactly four square and the long sides are slightly bowed inward by the pressure of the earth outside (PLATE V). 80 m. 50 m. west of the prolongation of the west side of the chamber, and giving a plan the shape of a reversed ell (J). As described above there is a flight of roughly built steps in the short western arm of the ell. From the north edge of the platform a flight of 25 steps leads down to and half way into the north or inner chamber.

It was of limestone cobbles of irregular shape, laid in and partly covered by a hard cement which was turned up at the east and south of the platform against large stones which continued the polygonal wall construction of the sides of the chamber. Extending over the western third of this platform was a flight of nine or possibly ten steps. They were of dressed blocks and stones roughly laid and levelled up with fragments (F'| t bo. 32 , 11'''' ........ FIGURE ? ROMAN BASIN WATER 1~::? l:? :*i~irp;?

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