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By Prof. Dr. Jacek J. Skrzypek, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Artur W. Ganczarski, Dr. Halina Egner, Prof. Dr. Franco Rustichelli (auth.)

The current monograph bargains with new complicated fabrics, together with composites, functionally graded fabrics, fabrics for prime temperature provider, complicated methods to neighborhood and non-local research of localized harm, new description of crack deactivation, and lots of more.

It includes the subsequent subjects:

Survey of fabric homes for prime temperature and different severe stipulations Thermodynamics of constitutive modelling of complicated fabrics constructing and imposing chosen constitutive versions for thermo-elasto-plastic-damage fabrics constructing and imposing constitutive types for the categorical functionally graded fabrics, with detailed realization paid to thermal barrier coatings method of experimental microstructure research and residual pressure choice with software to a number of fabrics and parts includig functionally graded materials.

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52) 3 P+ σ = i=1 The double angular bracket is defined as a = 1 for a ≥ 0, or a = 0 for a < 0, and ε(i) , σ (i) denote the principal strain or stress components. In +/− +/− other words, when the projection operators Pε or Pσ are used, only the positive or negative principal components of the strain or stress tensors are extracted. When the simple unilateral damage condition is used it is assumed that negative principal components of the strain or stress tensors remain inactive as long as the loading conditions again render them active.

15)). Representation of the effective tangent stiffness matrix in a general 3D state with unilateral effect included is rather cumbersome hence, in what follows, we confine ourselves to the simpler plane stress state (for full representation see Skrzypek and Kuna-Ciskal [207]). 16). 26) requires that the local Hessian matrix [H] be positive definite (Chen and Han [42]). 27) where [Hk ] is the (k × k) minor of the matrix [H] (Bj¨ orck and Dahlquist [23]). 27) may also be performed by use of the Cholesky decomposition, which is numerically stable.

The results obtained for crack prediction exhibit the mesh effect, so that a nonlocal treatment has to be involved in order to ensure convergence. This procedure is examined and presented in the following Sect. 3. Monotonic tension – kinked crack Following the paper by Kuna-Ciskal and Skrzypek [208], the plane-stress concrete structure with a pre-load crack of infinitely small width, inclined at an angle of 45◦ to the tension direction is considered. The structure is subject to uniform tension at the top and bottom edges, and is free to move at all sides, Fig.

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