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Methods and Applications of Inversion

This number of convention papers describes state of the art methodologies and algorithms utilized in the remedy of inverse difficulties, concentrating on seismology and snapshot processing. The papers additionally describe new basic methodologies for research and answer of inverse difficulties via statistical and deterministic algorithms.

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Comparison of experimental and simulation results—Makogon and Hoditch data [9]. 2. Case 2: NETL Run 3: Static Conditions The non-isothermal calculations of the rate of reaction were performed using NETL run 3 data. 0468 moles. 0468 moles. This number represents approximately 60% of the initial gas in the reactor. 0370 moles from the integration of the rate of reaction (R) using the optimum parameters for each period. The best estimate parameter values and the coefficient of regression are presented in Table 2.

In general, the initial temperature changes affect the pressure in the chamber. The temperature decreases and therefore the pressure falls. The isothermal gas mass balance translates the pressure declines to gas consumption. Thus, the amount of gas reacted in the hydrate formation according to isothermal calculations is higher than in the non-isothermal calculations. The non-isothermal calculations follow closer the experimental (dQ/dt and Q) behavior, and present better results in terms of our assumption of equality between the amount of gas consumed during induction and growth periods and the amount of gas reacted.

In this paper, we will examine the role of heat transfer in a reservoir producing by the depressurization method. In particular, we will study the importance of convective heat transfer as compared with conductive heat transfer, examine the importance of heat supplied from the base- and cap-rock and the sensible heat within the hydrate zone. 2. BACKGROUND Gas production from natural hydrates is meaningful only if the thermal energy of the produced methane is more than the heat required for the endothermic reaction of hydrate decomposition.

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