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By Ian S. Markham

Modern Islamic thinkers are frequently studied sociologically instead of as theologians. there are lots of obtainable introductions to Christian theologians, yet only a few such stories of Islamic thinkers. This e-book, and this sequence, seeks to alter this case: providing new introductions to influential Islamic thinkers and fascinating, on the point of principles, with the wealthy depths of latest Islamic theology. This publication introduces to the English-speaking international the prime sleek Islamic philosopher stated Nursi (1878-1960) - who has a few 9 million fans in modern-day Turkey and around the globe. After a gap bankruptcy that gives an summary of his existence, the subsequent 4 chapters define the theology of Nursi on God, the Qur'an, the West and Politics. the ultimate part presents a useful source of readings from Nursi's most vital writings. delivering an creation to a tremendous type of Islam that's dedicated to non-violence, discussion and optimistic relationships with the West, this is often the 1st scholar textbook to introduce a modern Islamic theologian in a scientific manner.

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55 Belief is the highest aim of the life in the view of Nursi. A true happiness he claims is only found in belief that is enriched with the knowledge of God, through reading His signs on everything, and enriching it by loving all for the sake of God. ”56 Reflection Questions 1. What is Nursi’s view of prophethood? 2. What are the Divine Names? Describe the ways in which Nursi uses the divine names to describe the nature of God? 3. For Said Nursi, why are humans significant? Nursi, The Words, 368.

In order not to overwhelm minds by Divine Unity, which is apparent in the boundless multiplicity of creatures, the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition constantly points out the manifestation of Divine Oneness within Divine Unity. For example, the sun encompasses numberless things with its light. In order to consider the sun itself in the totality of its light, a most extensive conceptual ability and comprehensive view is necessary. So, lest the sun itself be forgotten, it is displayed in every shining object by means of its reflection.

It is important to briefly mention the meaning of the terms revelation and inspiration according to Islam for each term holds specific meanings. ” Inspiration is considered as a general communication of God with His creation. From dreams to scientific discoveries, wise actions to art works, any knowledge is understood to be rooted in Divine inspiration. Mentioning the difference between the two, Nursi considers revelation as “elevated, universal, and sacred” and inspiration more specific to a person and as very “insignificant” in comparison to revelation.

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