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By W. Rees

This ebook seems to be on the attitudes and rules of the U.S. and uk, within the past due Fifties, in the direction of the 3 significant alliances in Europe, the center East and South East Asia. Drawing upon a wealth of archival fabric, it analyses either the army courting among the united states and united kingdom and the level to which those international locations have been ready to cooperate with their allies in countering the threats to Western safety.

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A possessor of nuclear weapons will have to weigh up very carefully whether it can afford to stand by all of its alliance commitments. For a non-nuclear state, alignment with a nuclear power could result in it being targeted by an adversary: a point King makes in relation to the NATO alliance. 44 This issue presented a dilemma for alliance members in NATO, the Baghdad Pact and SEATO who were dependent upon the nuclear capabilities of the United States and Britain. They were expected to trust these two powers to use their weapons on behalf of the other states.

The Soviet Union and the West could still miscalculate in a crisis. Alternatively, there was the risk that a local war could escalate to the level of global conflict. Whatever the cause, a global conflict could still occur in spite of the fact that neither side might actively have sought to bring it about. As Chairman Radford stated, when the Soviets had attained a balance: the Chiefs of Staff had pointed out that the relative power position of the US will have so changed that the US could no longer count on the Russians being afraid of starting a general war.

While the stockpile was limited, it was assumed that an attack would probably be aimed at the strategic nuclear facilities of the West. However, by the end of the decade, the Soviets were expected to have a plentiful supply of weapons and a more widespread set of targets were likely to be attacked. 7 Britain was vulnerable at the outset of the period to nuclear gravity bombs dropped from long-range aircraft. 8 By 1958, this assessment was revised to a figure of 300 medium bombers and 150 light bombers.

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