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Thus Scatton50 concluded t h a t amantadfne may s t i m u l a t e dopamine s y n t h e s i s and Stromberg5l has reported compatible data. It: i s too early t o assess the relevance of t h i s finding t o the clinical efficacy of amantadine Does amantadine block the reuptake of catecholamines and i s t h i s 48 - Sect, I - CNS Agents Engelhardt, Ed. e f f e c t r e l a t e d t o i t s a n t i p a r k i n s o n a c t i o n ? S e v e r a l groups have s t u d i e d the e f f e c t of amantadine upon catecholamine uptake s i n c e Vernier47 r e p o r t e d d a t a compatible w i t h r e u p t a k e blockade.

Lewis and M. Readhead, g . ,2,525 (1970). 10. J. Villarreal and M. Seevers, Addendum to the minutes of the 32nd Meeting of the Committee on Problems of Drug Dependence, Nat. Acad. , 1970. 11. I. Seki and H. Takagi, Chem. Pharm. , 1104 (1970). 12. T. Kametani, K. Kigasawa, H. Hiiragi, N. Wagatsuma, K. Wakisaka, F. Satoh and S. Saito, J. Med. , Q, 1064 (1970). 13. E. May and M. Takeda, J. Med. , 2, 805 (1970). 14. M. Takeda and E. May, -*,ibid 13, 1223 (1970). 18, Chap. 4 Analgesics 41 - Robinson 15.

Table 1 l i s t s f i v e mechanisms by which amantadine and other drugs could counteract the d e f i c i t of extrapyramidal i n h i b i t i o n which is respons i b l e f o r symptoms of parkinsonism. Recent evidence points t o a l o c a l r e l e a s e of catecholamines as the major mode of a c t i o n of amantadine i n parkinsonism. This i s the most s e n s i t i v e e f f e c t of amantadine reported t o date and occurs a t the lowest dose. 88 c l a r i f i e d t h i s point. They reported t h a t a small trans i e n t pressor e f f e c t of amantadine alone, intravenously i n dogs, was markedly i n t e n s i f i e d b dopamine-priming.

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