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By John Foster, Werner Holzl

Debates the facets of complexity and evolution in utilized contexts recognising that smooth evolutionary economics is at a crossroads. Foster is from college of Queensland.

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Hypothesis, in our opinion, obscures existent non-linearities that may be endogenized in non-linear models. This chapter is organized as follows. In Section 2 the main stylized facts offered by the recent linear econometric analysis are presented. In Section 3 it is shown how neoclassical economic theory can be fully consistent with recent econometric results. d. components (noise). In Section 5 we present results obtained using artificial non-linear and autoregressive models; in particular we use the arsenal of tools from non-linear dynamics to identify the hidden deterministic structure that underlies the time series.

Indeed, although we can think of an entrepreneur imagining a market niche for a new product, it is only in the process of pursuing this goal, through the organization of people and capital, that K becomes defined. Often, it is discovered that no niche exists, in the sense that no positive profits accrue, and the organization collapses. The fact that Ks are imagined constructs and endogenously determined is what distinguishes economic self-organization from its counterparts in biology and chemistry.

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