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By Hugh F. Clifford

A superb range of invertebrate existence lives underneath the outside of Alberta's lakes and streams. Aquatic Invertebrates of Alberta enhances present box courses to organisms in Alberta, protecting all significant teams of aquatic invertebrates. color images, pictorial keys, and 114 whole-specimen drawings supplement the textual content. This e-book is simply on hand in the course of the college of Alberta book place (print-on-demand).

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The hydras will eventually move to the surface film in response to a decrease in dissolved oxygen and perhaps other factors. They can then be seen with the unaided eye and skimmed from the surface; a magnifying glass makes spotting the hydras easier. They can also be readily spotted in the debris of pond-nets with a good magnifying glass. In fact, a magnifying glass should be considered an indispensable item in the arsenal of collecting equipment. Hydras can be preserved in 70% alcohol, but preserved specimens can usually not be identified.

Oligochaetes have both circular and longitudinal body wall muscles. Therefore, when the oligochaete moves, in addition to bending sideways, it can lengthen and shorten in response to circular and longitudinal muscular contractions. In contrast, nematodes have only longitudinal body wall muscles, and they can only bend from side to side, a very characteristic thrashing-type movement. If only preserved material is available, note that oligochaetes are segmented and have setae of various types (see Chapter 12).

The adults can be preserved directly in about 80% ethanol. To separate some nematomorphs, it is necessary to determine whether areoles (see NEMATOMORPHA pictorial key) are prominent in the cuticle. A small piece of cuticle should be cut out of the worm and examined under the microscope. Soaking the cuticle in a strong detergent or glycerin for a few hours aids in clearing the cuticle. Alberta's Fauna and Pictorial Key The pictorial key is only to the family level and the key's diagnostic features are modified from keys of Chitwood (1959) and Pennak (1978).

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