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Figure 3-3. Vertical design-time view CHAPTER 3 ■ BINDABLE BULLET LIST The code in the CreateChildControls() method generates this default bullet list if the data source is nothing. By doing this, we are able to give visual feedback at design time as to what the control will look like when databound and rendered to the client at run time. Now, alter the property settings and watch the control change in appearance at design time. Figure 3-4 shows the control with the DisplayOrientation set to Horizontal.

GetEnumerator() End Sub This creates a new ArrayList object and puts the values in the IDictionaryEnumerator into it (discarding the keys). Value to the ArrayList. It then calls GetEnumerator() on the ArrayList and stores the returned IEnumerator object into the private _enumerator field. The second overload requires no explanation. _enumerator = enumerator End Sub Now, we’re ready to define the property and methods necessary for the IEnumerator object. These are mostly straightforward as well.

You will now see the code for the helper method, which builds the table cells. Add(cellLabel) Return tc End Function This is a straightforward routine. This method accepts the value of an item from the collection passed into the control and builds up a table cell, which is added into the base HtmlTable control. It checks to see if ImageForBullet has been set, and also if a custom bullet was specified. If so, it modifies the

  • tag to incorporate the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) style tag for a custom bullet image.

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