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Astrology, Karma & Transformation: the internal Dimensions of the start Chart

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The birth-chart, therefore, and especially the highly-accentuated components of the chart, shows our attunements—and hence, our attachments, and hence, our karma. Viewing the chart and one’s life in this way puts everything in a new light. The arbitrary, judgmental, and false distinctions between “positive” and “negative” features of a birth-chart begin to melt away. There are no longer any “good” or “bad” charts, aspects, or human beings. We are all part of the vast cosmic drama, and—on this material plane—we are all entangled in our own karmic nets.

Obviously, from the past, whether from past conditioning and training of a specific type or from specific kinds of traumatic experiences or shocks. Planets falling in the water houses therefore represent urges toward expression which are colored by karmic patterns, emotional prejudices, or unconscious motivations and fears.

For example, if a beggar has only three pennies and he suddenly drops them, he will hurry after them to protect what little he has. However, if, at the moment the beggar dropped his pennies, he saw a $5 bill blowing down the street, he would immediately ignore his pennies and chase after the bill. Hence, we can see that it is not enough merely to become sick of our old self, our old ways of being, and our life-long conflicts. Since the habit patterns of the past exert a strong and constant pull upon us, and since we feel insecure if we stray too far from those habit patterns, we must find something very powerful to become attached to if it is to pull us away from the karmic tendencies.

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