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By E. B. Smith, S. Björkerud, R. H. More, D. Sinapius, G. S. Berenson, W. Insull (auth.), G. Schettler, A. Weizel (eds.)

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6 AORTIC MPS VARIATIONS WITH EXTENT OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS AND TYPE OF LESION ! :! c u u ~ 0 D. E ~ o 10 20 30 40 50 60 Percent Totel Surfece Involvement Figure I. Concentration of acid MPS in the inner and outer layers of aorta with increasing degrees of atherosclerosis. The relationship of the MPS content to the lesion type suggests that with increasing formation of fatty streaks there is a significant increase of the MPS content. With progressive atherosclerosis a decrease of the concentration of MPS occurs example, the intima contains a high content of sulfated MPS and a much greater concentration occurs in the abdominal aorta than in the thoracic.

The effect of the presence or absence of endothelium can be studied conveniently in an experimental system where the degree of experimental endothelial desquamation can be controlled (Bjorkerud, 1969a and b). Fig. 3 depicts schematically the principles for and consequences of graded endothelial removal. Three different response patterns follow (Fig. 3). The induction of a denudation with small area is followed by rapid overgrowth of endothelium and a transient thickening of the intima - if combined with a low degree of medial injury; or calcification, encapsulation and capillarization - if combined with marked medial injury 14 ARTERIAL BASAL ENDOTHELIUM PHYSIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS MONOLAYER WIT H SELECTIVE PERMEABILITY AND ANTITHROMBOTIC PROPERTIES CELLS TURN DUE T0 CELL DEATH ( C ELL AGE; I NJ U R Y ) \ BALANCED ENDOTHELIAL CONTROLS ARTERY (7) PERMEABILITY LIFE (THROUGH OF OVER / BY MODIFIES SMOOTH FEEDBACK CELL RENEWAL (MITOTIC) MUSCLE OR IN MECHANISM 7) Figure I.

O ~ UJ o Q. J « . E cr :> o ..... z '" I: -. cr UJ III Q. t:. L o o 1\1 o u 1\1 o o o z .. J I- cr: 1\1 I: -c ~ I: o :> ... I: 1\1 A. o ~ o ... III v .. J:! t:. ) Z o cr ~ I/) .. II III Ol -C III Ol I: :> ::I o E C Q. UJ UJ o I. J « I: o >- ~ -... I/) II Z I: 1\1 E :> ~ .. o Ol -C . :> Q. ) z ::r I/) ::::l Q. III '" .! t:. : I- '" III Ol -C III Ol I: « u ;:;: cr UJ Q. ~ Q) :> (I) (I) ~ Ol ~ u Q. c C o (I) Q) Figure 3. Schematic illustration of the principles for and consequences of the induction of different types of mechanical injury in the rabbit aorta.

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