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By Brian Austin, Dawn A. Austin

This revised variation fills the necessity for an updated complete booklet at the organic points of the bacterial taxa which reason sickness in fish. because the third variation was once released in 1999, a lot has replaced within the regulate of illness of farmed and wild fish. This ebook analyses all of the new info, together with that on new pathogens and new advancements on lengthy tested illnesses, reminiscent of furunculosis and vibriosis. attention is given to the entire bacterial taxa that have at your time been suggested as fish pathogens, whether or not they are secondary invaders of already broken tissue or severe, fundamental pathogens.

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Internal damage was not reported (Saeed et aL, 1987). Campylobacteriaceae representative Arcobacter cryaerophilus Diseased rainbow trout were recovered from three fish farms in Turkey during 1997 and 1998. The reported disease signs included deformation of the upper jaw, darkened or alternatively pale pigment, fin rot, pale gills, haemorrhaging in the musculature, haemorrhaging and bloody fluid in the intestine, skin ulcerations, damaged spleens and swollen kidney (Aydin et aL, 2000, 2002). Characteristics of the diseases 29 Enterobacteriaceae representatives Citrobacter freundii Diseased sunfish displayed erratic swimming, inappetence, eroded skin, surface haemorrhages, enteritis, deep red spleen, pale liver and tumorous masses (granulomas) on the kidney (Sato et ai, 1982).

Marinum, Myc. scrofulaceum, Myc. shottsii, Myc. szulgai and Myc. , 2004b). Again, some of these taxa are new to fish pathology, and deserve further study. , from ulcers, and Myc. fortuitum, Myc. gordonae and Myc. , 2005). In their excellent review, Kaattari et al. (2006) discuss all the currently recognised mycobacterial fish pathogens, including the new but not formally named species, Myc. "chesapeaki". Nocardiaceae representatives Nocardia spp. , 2000). Symptoms similar to mycobacteriosis develop in affected fish.

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