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The Standard category should be expanded by default, but if it isn’t, click the plus symbol in the left margin of the Toolbox. Next, right-click somewhere on a control in the Standard category and choose Sort Items Alphabetically. This puts the controls in alphabetical order in the Standard category only. If you want, you can repeat this step for other categories of the Toolbox. 8. Right-click the Toolbox again and choose Add Tab. Type HTML Fragments as its new name and press Enter. This adds a new category to the Toolbox that behaves just like all the others.

Note that after the page has reloaded, the text is still displayed in the text box. Other than that, not much has happened because you didn’t write any code for the button yet. How It Works When you dragged the Button and the TextBox from the Toolbox on the page in Design View, VWD added the corresponding code for you in Markup View automatically. Similarly, when you changed the Text property of the button in the Properties Grid, VWD automatically updated the markup for the control in Markup View.

NET or C#, directly in a page, as you saw in the previous Try It Out. In addition, you can place code in a separate code file, called a Code Behind file. This code can be executed by the runtime automatically, or based on a user’s action. Either way, execution of the code can greatly influence the way the page is displayed, by accessing databases, performing calculations, hiding or showing specific controls, and much more. NET web pages is discussed in great detail in Chapter 5. Once the page is done processing, and all the HTML for the page has been collected, it is sent back to the browser.

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