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Expressions namespace contains a number of activities that you can use in your workflow, including Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide. It also includes activities such as Equal, GreaterThan, And, and Or that are used by the built-in activities to evaluate expressions. You can use them directly in your workflow. Unfortunately, the Add activity is not in the toolbox. xaml code. Save the project. xaml and choose View Code. It will prompt you to close the existing designer window; just click Yes. 6"> Notice the x:Null attribute on the NextDay and 2ndDay cases.

For the remaining activities, the implementation of these will be defined in the next level. Get(env) > 12), Then = new Assign() { DisplayName = "Adjust Bells" // Code to be added here in Level 3 } This code defines the Condition and the Then properties (there is no Else branch). The Assign activity will be implemented in the next level. The definition of the Condition property, however, probably needs some explanation. Expressions The static Convert() method of the ExpressionServices class is used to create an InArgument class, which is what the Condition property is expecting.

Creating a Flowchart Workflow Start by creating a new project/solution. Choose the Workflow Console Application template, as shown in Figure 3-1. Figure 3-1. Creating a flowchart workflow project 33 CHAPTER 3 n FLOWCHART WORKFLOW Designing the Flowchart Drag a Flowchart activity to the designer. The initial workflow diagram will be similar to the one shown in Figure 3-2. The green circle represents the starting node of your flowchart, and the empty space beneath it is where you will add the activities that make up your workflow.

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