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By Sue Henry

In a wide ranging land of ice and chilly, demise has fire.In the lingering sit back of the early Alaskan spring, famed "musher" Jessie Arnold confronts the charred is still of a favourite neighborhood pub, destroyed through a suspicious blaze that claimed an blameless, unsuspecting lifestyles. This lull among racing seasons is intended to be a time of grueling education and conditioning for Jessie and her dogsled team-but as an alternative it has turn into a time of worry. as the burning has merely all started, and its flames will scar and blister Jessie's global in methods she will be able to slightly think. And within the wake of extra demise, her subsequent race could be one for survival -- as she struggles to figure out no matter if a determined buddy is a terrified victim...or a killer.

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A gust of wind caught a large part of the smoke and sent it billowing through the parking lot, smelling acridly strong of scorched wood and chemicals. The momentary suffocating nastiness made the bystanders cough and rub their tearing eyes, reminding Jessie of all the flammable petroleum products that were used in modern buildings. The Other Place had been full of them—plastic chair seats, vinyl flooring, plastic shades over the lights above the pool tables, unseen PVC pipe in the plumbing, and coating on the electrical wiring inside the walls.

Jessie drove and listened, feeling more than a little overwhelmed and confused. Reaching home, Jessie made a fresh pot of coffee and puttered in the kitchen for a few minutes, trying to BENEATH THE ASHES 37 let go of the tension that was beginning to give her a headache and allowing her unexpected guest to wander around and become familiar with the cabin. “Nice place,” Anne commented, returning from the bedroom, where she had put her luggage. She had a bottle of Jessie’s favorite Crabtree & Evelyn freesia body lotion in her hand.

I’m sorry to get in the way. But it is—it really is. Honest. I’ve got to get out there—just got to. ” So rent a snowmachine, Jessie thought angrily, and leave me alone. “We’ll talk when I come back,” she told Anne shortly and went out. She shut the door behind her and leaned against it for a few seconds in relief at having escaped from the woman’s demanding presence. Her own cabin had almost seemed to close in claustrophobically. As she went to get water that her dogs didn’t really need this time of day, she tried to assess the situation and decide what to do.

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