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Nut messages were hollowed-out nuts that the fairies used to send notes and letters back and forth to one another. Birds and animals liked to deliver them for the fairies. When Thistle and Dragonfly came over to say hi to Alan, Marigold told them, “Alan was telling me about his meteorite collection. By the time meteors hit the earth to become meteorites, they are usually only about the size of peas and marbles, so they are perfect for collecting. Aunt Evelyn is going to take us meteorite hunting next week.

The laughter is spread by many different winds, some of them connecting with each other to continue their journey to specific destinations. qxd 5/11/07 4:56 PM Page 50 that affect wind. At about nine-thirty, I had finished confirming my schedule for the week. When I turned around, the shell was gone. I was sitting facing the entrance to the cave. ” Before the fairies or Madam Robin could comment or ask any questions, there was a knock at the cave entrance. “That will be Tom,” said Staid. Tom was a leprechaun and was Staid’s friend.

This is wonderful,” said Staid. ” He paused before going on. ” Since it was getting late and dark, the group decided not to set off until morning. Staid gave them all supper, which was simply soup and bread. But it was very flavorful and satisfying since it was made with elf magic. He made up soft beds in one corner of the cave for his guests. qxd 5/11/07 4:56 PM Page 53 nicely, but firmly, asked Snickers to hold any more giggles until morning. The only thing the fairies heard that night was Snicker’s light snoring and a few soft dream giggles.

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