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By Kevin M. Bailey

Alaska pollock is far and wide. If you’re consuming fish yet you don’t be aware of what type it truly is, it’s probably pollock. Prized for its familiar fish style, pollock masquerades as crab meat in california rolls and seafood salads, and it feeds thousands as fish sticks at school cafeterias and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches at McDonald’s. That ubiquity has made pollock the main profitable fish harvest in America—the fishery within the usa on my own has an annual price of over 1000000000 cash. yet at the same time the cash rolls in, pollock is in difficulty: within the previous couple of years, the pollock inhabitants has declined by way of greater than part, and a few scientists are predicting the fishery’s eventual collapse.
In Billion-Dollar Fish, Kevin M. Bailey combines his years of firsthand pollock learn with a extraordinary expertise for storytelling to provide the 1st traditional heritage of Alaska pollock. the most important to knowing the pollock fishery, he indicates, is spotting what features of its common heritage make pollock so very fascinating to fish, whereas even as making it resilient, but hugely prone to overfishing. Bailey delves into the technological know-how, politics, and economics surrounding Alaska pollock within the Bering Sea, detailing the improvement of the fishery, a number of the political machinations that experience ended in its present administration, and, probably most vital, its imminent death. He ways his topic from a number of angles, bringing within the views of fishermen, politicians, environmentalists, and biologists, and drawing on revealing interviews with avid gamers who variety from Greenpeace activists to fishing lawyers.
Seamlessly weaving the biology and ecology of pollock with the background and politics of the fishery, in addition to Bailey’s personal frequently raucous stories approximately lifestyles at sea, Billion-Dollar Fish is a publication for everyone drawn to the bothered dating among fish and people, from the depths of the ocean to the dinner plate.

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Within a decade they became the world’s greatest fishing nation. In another fishing the high seas / 47 decade they developed the li le-known and undervalued Alaska pollock into the world’s greatest fishery.

A young professor of natural history at Dickinson College named Spencer Baird proposed studying the issue before enacting legislation, and he was named the first commissioner of fisheries. Baird was unsala- 38 / chapter 2 ried and worked out of his home. Public antagonism toward the idea of regulating harvests motivated Baird to avoid this conflict. Instead, he developed programs to augment fisheries. In the 1880s, billions of young cod larvae were released annually into coastal waters from American hatcheries.

How was the resource managed? An important aspect of understanding the pollock fishery is recognizing what aspects of the natural history of Alaska pollock make them so very desirable to fish while at the same time make them resilient and yet vulnerable to overfishing. In examining and criticizing how the fishery has been managed, it is important to recognize what we knew about the ocean and its fish resources at the time. Were management decisions made within the context of the best available science?

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