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By Morgan S. Pratchett, Michael L. Berumen, B. G. Kapoor

Butterflyfishes (family Chaetodontidae) are a hugely conspicuous part of fish fauna on coral reefs through the global. In gentle in their robust dependence on coral, they can be considered as the epitome of coral reef fishes. This quantity examines the ecology and conservation of coral reef butterflyfishes. It presents vital insights on their evolution and key occasions and variations that experience resulted in their proliferation inside of coral reef ecosystems. Key to the durability of butterflyfishes is the evolution of coral-feeding—a valuable concentration of the ecological chapters during this quantity. The ebook additionally highlights key threats and demanding situations concerning the conservation of butterflyfishes and ends with an summary of present and destiny examine directions.

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The pelvic and dorsal-anal fin behaviours are likely the result of skeletal anatomy and contact between bony structures in some fashion. All of these hypotheses, however, have yet to be tested. BUTTERFLYFISH LOCOMOTORY MORPHOLOGY The emergence of benthic feeding habits among coral reef fishes led to a need for navigating in close proximity with a complex, potentially noxious and abrasive reefal substratum. Therefore, fine-scale maneuverability and rapid braking became a priority. Butterflyfishes appear to be exceptional swimming performers in this capacity in that they can hover inverted or in other abnormal postures close to the substratum and perform precise and repetitive feeding strikes within a microhabitat—area restricted to the circumference of a single scleractinian zooid or polyp (N.

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