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By David A. Ebert, James A. Sulikowski (auth.), David A. Ebert, James A. Sulikowski (eds.)

Skates became a priority in recent times end result of the preponderance of those elasmobranchs which are stuck as bycatch or as a directed fishery. This has raised situation simply because skates have existence heritage features that can lead them to susceptible to over-exploitation. It used to be because of this crisis that brought on Drs. David Ebert and James Sulikowski to prepare a global symposium at the "Biology of Skates". The goals and pursuits of the symposium have been to assemble a global team of researchers to fulfill, talk about, probably increase collaborations, and current their most modern findings. The symposium used to be held over days, on 13-14 July, 2006, together with the 22nd annual assembly of the yankee Elasmobranch Society in New Orleans, los angeles. a complete of 31 authors from 4 nations contributed sixteen papers that seem during this quantity. The papers are commonly prepared into 4 separate different types: systematics and biogeography, vitamin and feeding ecology, reproductive biology, and age and progress. this can be the 1st devoted booklet at the biology of skates. we are hoping that readers will locate this quantity of curiosity and that it is helping motivate and stimulate destiny examine into those interesting fishes.

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Proc 2nd Int Conf IndoPacific Fishes 256–260 Seret B (1986b) Deep water skates of Madagascar. Part 1. Anacanthobatidae (Pisces, Chondrichthyes, Batoidea), second record of the skate Anacanthobatis ori (Wallace, 1967) from off Madagascar. Cybium 10(4):307–326 Smith JLB (1949) The sea fishes of southern Africa. Central News Agency Ltd, South Africa, p 550 Smith JLB (1964) Fishes collected by Dr. T. Mortenson off the coast of South Africa in 1929, with an account of the genus Cruriraja Bigelow and Schroeder, 1954 in South Africa.

Seven species occur in only one area (Table 3) but several extend to one or more adjacent areas and some range the entire coast of southern Africa. Distribution types that include two or more areas include EC to MO (1 species), KZ and MO (3 species), NA and NW (1 species), NA and NW, EC (4 species), NA and Biology of Skates 25 Table 3 Southern African skates coded and sorted by distribution types from east to west. Abbreviations for geographic areas are listed from west to east: NA = Namibia. NW = Northern Cape province and western part of Western Cape provinces, Namibian border to Cape AgulSpecies-area Rajella ravidula Bathyraja smithii Dipturus doutrei Rajella barnardi Rajella dissimilis Cruriraja ‘parcomaculata’ Dipturus pullopunctatus Raja miraletus Leucoraja wallacei Raja straeleni Rostroraja alba Rajella leopardus Dipturus springeri Amblyraja robertsi Amblyraja taaf Cruriraja durbanensis Malacoraja spinacidermis Neoraja stehmanni Rajella caudaspinosa Leucoraja compagnoi Dipturus stenorhynchus Malacoraja sp.

Skates are often taken as bycatch in important fisheries that target various gadoids, monkfish and shrimps, as well as in research trawls (Walmsley-Hart et al. 1999; Alonso et al. 2001; Brickle et al. 2003; Cedrola et al. 2005; Perez and Wahrlich 2005). A. A. ), Biology of Skates. 1007/978-1-4020-9703-4_4 41 42 the same food resources (Berestovskiy 1990; Pedersen 1995; Orlov 1998a; Dolgov 2005). Smale and Cowley (1992) concluded that because of their wide breadth of diet and their biomass, skates are likely to have a significant influence on the benthos.

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