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Tell me, what troubles you? " Despite his depression, Hakiem was touched by the sincere concern of this young woman who had been raised to rule an empire and found herself in Sanctuary instead. While a part of him instinctively wanted to hide his feelings, he felt compelled to respond honestly. "I fear for my town," he said, turning to gaze out the window once more. "The people have changed since the Beysib arrived. "Not that I blame you," he amended hastily. "You had to go somewhere, and certainly your people have done everything possible to adapt to what I know is a very strange and often hostile environment to you.

Illyra took another card. "The Zigurrat," she smiled dangerously. " Gilla looked at the image of the disintegrating tower and thought of the patched up peace that had held the town quiet since the visit of the Emperor. Surely it would take only a finger's push to destroy so uneasy a balance. " whispered Gilla then. " Illyra held the remaining cards fanned out in her thin hand. "First the Lance of Winds-" The card she set down bore the images of storm and tornado. "This represents our determination to see this done.

She said tartly. " Lalo had no idea what she meant by that, but there was no time to question her now. "If you can, surely you have the right to," he told her, "if either of us can get there that way," he went on, doubting his own intuition suddenly. He propped the card up against the flagon so that they could, both see it, and pointed at the other chair. It creaked as Gilla eased into it. She settled herself, her hands clasped firmly in her lap, then looked at Illyra. " The S'danzo's throat worked, then she nodded, her fingers tightening on the damp cloth she held in her hand.

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