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By Jenn McKinlay

Lindsey is entering into her groove because the director of the Briar Creek Public Library whilst a brand new York editor visits city, growing relatively a buzz. Lindsey's pal Beth desires to promote the editor her kid's e-book, yet Beth's boyfriend, a recognized writer, will get within the method. once they visit confront him, he is chanced on murdered-and Beth is the top suspect. Lindsey has to behave quickly prior to they throw the ebook on the improper individual.

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Beth asked. She muffled her laugh with her knitting. ” Lindsey asked and then looked at the sock on her two circular needles and frowned. “Oh, you. ” All three of them stared at her. ” Nancy asked. To her credit, she didn’t add “duh” to the question. “I . . um . . no,” Lindsey admitted. All three of the other ladies shook their heads. “You have to check your gauge,” Nancy said. “Swatching; it’s a rule,” Violet said. “Like not wearing white shoes before Memorial Day,” Beth added. “Amen,” Violet and Nancy said together.

Good . . really good,” Beth said. She ran her hand through her short black spikes, and Lindsey knew she was full of baloney. Beth always fussed with her hair when she was feeling edgy; besides, she was a horrible liar. She always broke eye contact. ” Lindsey repeated. “Good is having a slow leak in your tire instead of a blowout, a migraine instead of a stroke or a nibble on your fishing line instead of catching the big one . ” “All right, enough with the metaphors,” Beth cut her off. “I get it.

Her voice was sharp with disapproval even though Lindsey made sure to participate only during her lunch hour. “Talk about perfect casting for Mrs. Danvers,” Violet whispered to Nancy, who turned her laugh into a cough. Just then a dripping-wet Mary pushed through the door around Ms. Cole. “Sorry I’m late,” she said. ” Mary put a large paper sack down and shrugged off her raincoat, hanging it on the coat stand by the fireplace. “I was hoping you would have extra chowder after the lunch crush,” Violet said.

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