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By Rosemary Hollis

This authoritative e-book examines British coverage within the heart East, targeting how Britain’s reaction to 9-11 – quite the choice to hitch the U.S. invasion of Iraq – has affected its function and family within the quarter.

  • Establishes what used to be ‘new’ concerning the New Labour procedure and guidelines in the direction of the center East and what replaced due to Sep 11 and the ‘war on terror’
  • Analyses intimately how the Blair executive dealt with the Iraq drawback, invasion and fallout, together with advancements in family with Iran
  • Documents Britain’s ‘niche’ position within the center East peace procedure.
  • Argues that fingers revenues, exchange and finance bind Britain to the Arab Gulf states
  • Traces Britain ’s involvement in US–regional safety preparations

Chapter 1 ancient history: levels within the dating (pages 5–29):
Chapter 2 New Labour Worldview and the center East (pages 30–49):
Chapter three New Labour: New Policy?Making procedure (pages 50–69):
Chapter four Britain's position within the Peace approach: 1997–2001 (pages 70–85):
Chapter five the line to battle in Iraq (pages 86–106):
Chapter 6 Reaping the Whirlwind: The Fallout from the Invasion of Iraq for British family members around the heart East (pages 107–134):
Chapter 7 Realpolitik and the Peace strategy after Sept. 11 (pages 135–157):
Chapter eight nonetheless Flying the Flag: Britain and the Arab Gulf States (pages 158–178):
Chapter nine Conclusions (pages 179–184):

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Turkey and Saudi Arabia provided vital basing facilities for their air forces. A number of coalition members contributed to naval operations in the Persian Gulf, though the United States took the lead in intercepting suspect cargoes there, with a view to enforcing the sanctions regime that dated from Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and endured under the terms of the ceasefire. Britain also maintained a naval presence after the war, the Armilla patrol, which had been traversing the sea lanes, making port visits and conducting exercises in the Indian Ocean since the 1980s.

All the Western allies were also interested in access to Gulf oil, though as Britain had become a producer itself by the 1980s, the nature of its concerns had shifted. 74 However, as a producer it had a new stake in the stability and buoyancy of the oil market worldwide. Also, since British companies traded in Gulf oil, there was concern for the security of their operations. Fears about Gulf security in the 1980s were twofold, focused on Soviet expansionism and spillover from the Iran–Iraq war, including attacks on Gulf shipping.

This meant that Britain was not only predisposed to use its membership of the WTO, G8 and OECD to promote its interests, it was now also selfconsciously a global player. In the late 1990s only America outranked Britain in the size of its overseas investments. Sampson’s characterization of Britain as ‘an international trading country competing with the world’ seemed to be most apt. As such, the British outlook was bound to contrast with that of the United States, whose domestic economy was so big as to make it less dependent on the rest of the world.

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