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By Eric Butow; Tommy Ryan

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Harnessing Hibernate is a perfect advent to the preferred framework that we could Java builders paintings with details from a relational database simply and successfully. Databases are a really various international than Java gadgets, and so they usually contain individuals with diversified abilities and specializations. With Hibernate, bridging those worlds is considerably more straightforward, and with this e-book, you will get on top of things with Hibernate quick.

Einführung in die Programmiersprache FORTRAN 77: Skriptum für Hörer aller Fachrichtungen ab 1. Semester

FORTRAN IV ist die im wissenschaftlichen Bereich am weitesten verbreitete Programmiersprache. Für quick alle Rechenanlagen und in zunehmendem Maße auch in Tischrechnern ("intelligenten Terminals") stehen FORTRAN­ Compiler zur Verfügung. Bedingt durch das große Spektrum von Rechenanlagen mit den vielfältigen Bedürfnissen der verschiedensten Anwendungsgebiete wurden viele Sprach­ erweiterungen von FORTRAN IV vorgenommen, so daß heute eine quickly unübersehbare Zahl von IISprachdialekten" vorliegt.

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Eliminating CSS Round-Trips for the First Page View Client-side caching of CSS fIles will reduce the load time for a page the second time a user sees it (known as PLT2), since the browser won't need to request the cached content again from the server. However, since requesting a file requires around-trip and since that round -trip increases the time to load the page the first time a user sees it (PLT1), it is sometimes worth considering an optimization that can help mitigate the increase to PLTl while not sacrificing PLT2.

The Optimize HTML menu for single files in Expression Web You can optimize an entire web site as part of the publishing process, as in Figure 2-4. 33 CHAPTER 2 „ CLIENT PERFORMANCE Figure 2-4. Optimize HTML while publishing your web site from Expression Web Avoid Optimization Techniques That Violate the HTML Standards You may hear about optimization techniques that can reduce the size of your HTML by violating various aspects of the HTML standards. I don't recommend using them, for several reasons: 34 • Some tools can help find different types of bugs in your HTML, or identify accessibility issues, and so on.

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