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Capitalism and disaster questions no matter if there are approaches in complex capitalism that lead unavoidably to systemic cave in. the writer demanding situations these Marxian theories in keeping with a collection of traditionally evolving 'internal contradictions' derived from a merely dialectical research of capitalism. partly I he specializes in the talk surrounding Rosa Luxemburg's theories of imperialism and capital accumulation, and on Marx's therapy of technology and expertise within the Grundrisse. partially I I he severely examines neo- and non-Marxian theories of complex capitalism, particularly the paintings of Jurgen Habermas concerning the challenge of political legitimation in complicated capitalism. Professor Rousseas argues that Marxists have significantly underestimated the resilience of the capitalist procedure, which has to be taken under consideration via any thought of political financial system proper to the 20 th century.

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The essential powers of man "can only find their self-understanding in the science of the natural world in general" (p. 1 43; Marx's italics). Marx developed these seminal ideas further in the Grundrisse, where science and technology were linked with the ac­ cumulation of capital as the main productive force. Although science and technology applied to the production process is a capitalist phenomenon, the development of capitalism was not to be seen as a pure historical accident, a matter of mere chance.

The use of "or" seemed to leave it an open question as to whether or not socialism would succeed capitalism as a matter of historical necessity. There seemed to be a contingency in history that precluded posing socialism's supersession of capitalism as an inevitable consequence of capitalism's historical development. Socialism could only be achieved through the conscious efforts of the proletariat, but no prior guaranty of success was possible. Luxemburg's critics failed to understand the nuances of her use of the word 'objective' and its link to 'necessity'.

On the contrary, the goal of human develop­ ment is "the structure of human society," with communism as its exclusive means of attainment (p. 1 46). But we are still faced with the problem of accumulation within a communist society and for the reso­ lution of this problem, along Rosa Luxemburg's line, the 1 844 Manu­ scripts remain obscure and, at times, contradictory. For the solution we must turn to the Grundrisse of 1 857-8. III For Luxemburg, the division of labor would have to continue if the accumulation of capital were to be the powerful and truly liberating force of a communist society.

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