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This e-book argues that the main profound and far-reaching results of Buddhism on chinese language tradition happened on the point of perform, particularly in non secular rituals designed to treatment humans of illness, demonic ownership, and undesirable good fortune. this custom would depart its longest enduring imprint at the liturgical culture of Taoism. In targeting non secular perform, it offers a corrective to standard reports of chinese language faith, which overemphasize metaphysics and spirituality.A easy main issue with therapeutic characterizes the whole gamut of non secular expression in East Asia. via focusing on the medieval improvement of chinese language healing ritual, the writer discovers the germinal center of many still-current rituals around the social and doctrinal frontiers of Buddhism and Taoism, in addition to open air the Buddhist or Taoist fold.The booklet is predicated on shut readings of liturgies written in classical chinese language. the writer describes and interprets a lot of them, analyzes their constitution, and seeks out nonliturgical resources to shed additional gentle at the politics all for particular performances. not like the few past experiences of comparable rituals, this ebook combines a scholar’s knowing of the constitution and objectives of those rites with a fit suspicion of the practitioners’ claims to distinctiveness.

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The brain will yellow, the teeth dry out, and the spleen will fill '"'ith dead breath. The ethereal souls will be devoid of perfection, the spermatic souls will indulge in malignant activities. vned in the Great Abyss, and your bones will want only tO sink into the earth. , onions, garlic, chives, scallions, and radish). The ninth injunction runs: Do not kiJI living creatures, including insects. If you take up arms against all living beings, their accumulated corpses and blood will form ~ store of resentment against you.

2040), and we have it again Denumology and Epidemiology 6r in a manuscript recovered from Tun-huang (ms. Stein 2109, T. 2874). 8 The good people, the believers, will go up into the mountains, a safe and holy refuge. The miscreants and evil-doers, left on the plain below, will be decimated by demonically induced disease and swept away by flood. 9 It is interesting to note the author's sociological analysis of the circumstances attending the collapse of Buddhism and the end of the world-circumstances that clearly represent his view of his own time.

In his commentary on the pharmacopoeia, T'ao Hung-ching refers to this rule and states that Taoists may only eat the flesh of deer and pheasants, the two sorts of animal which, unlike the twelve, have no affiliation with the stars. 170 The seventh commandment runs: Do not eat the flesh of the six domestic beasts (horse, cow, sheep, pig, dog, chicken]. If you do, the vital breaths will be clogged and the body will become putrid, the vital essence will be turbid and the inner spirits obstructed. The brain will yellow, the teeth dry out, and the spleen will fill '"'ith dead breath.

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