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By Tenga Rinpoche

Lord Buddha grew to become the wheel of dharma 3 times, with the second one turning revealing the real nature of all issues, Prajnaparamita, of which Chö is a way to perform and discover this.
the lessons on real nature have been what the nice siddhas of India practiced and handed on via their assorted traditions. The ideally suited Tibetan woman grasp and saint Machik Lapdron, prophesized through the Buddha as an emanation of the nice mom Prajnaparamita, acquired those transmissions from many siddhas and formulated them into what we all know as Chö, this means that to "cut" or "severe." what's lower is ego greedy, the basis of our agony, during the consciousness of our actual nature, that is the essence of the entire Buddha's teachings.
it is a distinctive observation at the perform of Chö including certain drawings of the perform and choices and the whole sadhana in Tibetan and English.

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Therefore the blessings of the Cho lineage through Surmang monastery is considered especially fine and unimpaired. We have received it through the special dispensation and lineage of the Third Gyalwang Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje. From him, it passed down through the Karma Kagyu tradition and eventually came to and was emphasized by the Fifth Trungpa Rinpoche of Surmang, whose name was Kunga Namgyal. It passed Cho Practice 39 down from him in the monastery and area of Surmang and next came to be held and emphasized by Kangpa Lhundrup and later by Karma Chakrne Rinpoche, who was very active in propagating Cho.

This refers to beings 46 Cho: The Garden o f All Joy & Generosity o f the Body that bring about impeding or disruptive conditions. The difference between this and the second is that obstructors actually do something to you. Those who bring about impeding conditions are spirits that actually prevent you from doing virtuous things that you wish to do. For example, you may have generated the resolve, “I will remain in retreat for so many months” but through the actions of those spirits that becomes impossible.

The part of the refuge vow that is actually repeated three times is l a m a la ky a b s u c h i o , s a n g g y e LA KYAB SU CHIO, CHO LA KYAB SU CHIO, GE DUN LA KYAB SU CHIO. Once you get to then you go back to LA MA la KYAB SU CHIO and repeat that three times. Then you go on with the rest of the refuge vow, which is quite long. ” This refers primarily— from among the father lineage, the mother lineage, and the non-dual lineage of Cho that will be explained later— to the father lineage. ” That refers primarily to the mother lineage.

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