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This article bargains with clams within the vast feel of the time period, on account that there are a number of bivalve households falling into the clam classification. the choice of the households is based mostly on their respective monetary significance, when it comes to fisheries and aquaculture creation. those chosen households are Veneridae (venus shells), Mactridae (surf clams), Donacidae (wedge shells), Myidae (softshell clams), Pharidae and Solenidae (razor clams). It has to be remarked that, in a few chapters or sections inside them, species belonging to different households of clams are brought up.

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No. species Not in literature Not in GBIF or OBIS > range in literature DONACIDAE 13 3 7 1 1 1 33 MACTRIDAE 9 3 3 0 2* 1 33 MYIDAE > range in GBIF and OBIS combined Range same in literature, GBIF and OBIS No. species % 15 0 10 0 2* 3 60 PHARIDAE 6 0 0 0 6* 0 0 SOLENIDAE 22 3 10 0 1 7 87 VENERIDAE 12 7 0 0 4* 1 20 Total 77 17 30 1 16 13 39 Aspects of Global Distribution of Six Marine Bivalve Mollusc Families Figure 1. Distribution of Family Donacidae. Figure 2. Distribution of Family Mactridae. Figure 3.

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