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An outline of the geometry of space-time with all of the questions and concerns defined with out the necessity for formulation. As such, the writer exhibits that this can be certainly geometry, with real structures universal from Euclidean geometry, and which permit precise demonstrations and proofs. The formal arithmetic at the back of those buildings is supplied within the appendices.

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Vacaru, Gauge and Einstein Gravity from Non–Abelian Gauge Models on Noncommutative Spaces, Phys. Lett. B 498 (2001) 74-82 [65] S. Vacaru, Horizons and Geodesics of Black Ellipsoids, Int. J. Mod. Phys. D. 12 (2003) 479-494 [66] S. Vacaru, Perturbations and Stability of Black Ellipsoids, Int. J. Mod. Phys. D 12 (2003) 461-478 [67] S. DG/ 0408121 [68] S. Vacaru, Nonlinear Connection Geometry and Exact Solutions in Einstein and Extra Dimension Gravity, in II International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry.

Lett. A323 (2004) 40–47 [15] H. E. Brandt, Finslerian Quantum Field Theory, hep–th/0407103 [16] C. Castro, Incorporating the Scale–Relativity Principle in String Theory and Extended Objects Authors, hep–th/ 9612003 [17] E. Cartan, Les Espaces de Finsler (Paris, Hermann, 1935) [18] A. Connes, Noncommutative Geometry (Academic Press, 1994). [19] C. Csaki, J. Erlich and C. Grojean, Gravitational Lorentz Violations and Adjustment of the Cosmological Constant in Asymmetrically Warped Spacetimes, Nucl.

Various type of geometries with local anisotropy (Finsler, Lagrange, Hamilton, Cartan and their generalizations, according to the terminology proposed in [14]), are modelled on (co) vector / tangent bundles and their higher order generalizations [21, 20] with different applications in Lagrange and Hamilton mechanics or in generalized Finsler gravity. Such constructions were defined in low energy limits of (super) string theory and supergravity [22, 23] and generalized for spinor bundles [24] and affine– de Sitter frame bundles [25] provided with nonlinear connection (in brief, N–connection) structure of first and higher order anisotropy.

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