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By J. Krishnamurti

In those talks in India , Krishnamurti starts off by means of declaring his goal to start answering questions positioned forth to him by means of others. He issues out that if a solution is to be correct, the query itself should also be. "...a critical query positioned by way of a major individual, via an earnest one that is looking for out the answer of a really tough challenge, then, evidently, there'll be a solution befitting that question."

An large compendium of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions within the united states, Europe, India, New Zealand, and South Africa from 1933 to 1967—the accrued Works were rigorously authenticated opposed to latest transcripts and tapes. every one quantity features a frontispiece picture of Krishnamurti , with query and topic indexes on the end.

The content material of every quantity isn't really restricted to the topic of the identify, yet quite deals a special view of Krishnamurti's amazing teachings in chosen years. The gathered Works bargains the reader the chance to discover the early writings and dialogues of their such a lot entire and actual shape.

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I am using the word "lost", but that is probably the wrong word, because we have never had it. Since we do not know ourselves and yet we want to find out what truth is, how are we going to find it? Do you understand the quest; on, Sir? I am afraid not. Someone wanted to discuss reincarnation. Now, I want to know the truth of reincarnation, not what the Bhagavad Gita, Christ, or my pet guru has said. I want to know the truth of that matter. Therefore, what am I to do to know the truth of it? What is the first requirement it, must I?

The joy of living, of everyday happenings, is the purpose of life. Krishnamurti: Surely, Sirs, there is a joy. There is real happiness in understanding something, is there not? If I understand my relationship with my neighbour, my wife, with the property over which we fight, wrangle and destroy each other - if I understand these things, surely out of that understanding there comes a joy; then life itself is a joy, a richness, and with that richness one can go further, deeper. But without that foundation, you cannot build a great structure, can you?

I think it is important to see that point, that the world is our relationship, however narrow; and if we can bring a transformation there, not a superficial but a radical transformation, then we shall begin actively to transform the world. Real revolution is not according to any particular pattern, either of the left or of the right, but it is a revolution of values, a revolution from sensate values to the values that are not sensate or created by environmental influences. To find these true values which will bring about a radical revolution, a transformation or a regeneration, it is essential to understand oneself.

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