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By Joseph Kostiner

This e-book analyzes 4 major episodes of clash and safety that have affected the Gulf area over the last 3 many years: the Iran-Iraq conflict (1980-1988), which effected the Gulf Cooperation Council from a detailed, neighborly distance; the Iraq-Kuwait battle (1990-1991), which constituted an try and invade the GCC and dispose of one in every of its member states, Kuwait; next makes an attempt to reestablish a local inter-state balance within the Gulf (during the mid-1990s, nearly) and the struggle of Islamic terrorism opposed to Saudi Arabia.

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Bani-Sadr was removed as commander-in-chief and exiled from the country. Khomeini then appointed his own military leadership, which allowed Iran to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Revolutionary Guards. A few months later, Iran launched the first of four large ground offensives that would continue into the spring of 1982. Large numbers of casualties were taken on both sides, however, Iran managed to push Iraq out of Iranian territory. Iran employed huge amounts of manpower in these offensives, including its Basij, who were largely untrained religious volunteers.

Its hopes were dashed by developments on the battlefield. After early limited successes, using air strikes as a precursor to a massive ground invasion that occupied a large area of Iranian territory, Iraq found itself fighting a prolonged and plodding war. Iraq’s initial objective to gain control of both banks of the Shatt al-Arab waterway was unsuccessful. Internal strife and a collapse of Iran’s military command and political structure never materialized. A month into the war, the two armies were bogged down in a struggle that would test both ruling regimes.

Soon after, Iran’s Foreign Minister made several statements calling for the destruction of Iraq’s Ba’athist regime. ” Khomeini also encouraged the Iraqi army and people to rebel against their government, stating, “The people and army of Iraq must turn their back on the Ba’ath regime and overthrow it ... because this regime that is attacking Iran ... is _________________________________________________ 35 King, p. 9. ” Khomeini’s rhetoric designed to incite Iraq’s Shi‘is to rebel against its own government was a miscalculation.

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