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This monograph offers and analyzes the optimization, game-theoretic and simulation versions of keep an eye on mechanisms for ecological-economic systems.

It is dedicated to built-in evaluate mechanisms for overall hazards and losses, penalty mechanisms, threat money mechanisms, financing and prices reimbursement mechanisms for chance point aid, revenues mechanisms for chance point quotas, audit mechanisms, mechanisms for anticipated losses aid, monetary motivation mechanisms, optimization mechanisms for neighborhood environmental (risk point aid) courses, and mechanisms for professionals' pursuits coordination.

The ebook is aiming at undergraduate and postgraduate scholars, in addition to at specialists in mathematical modeling and keep an eye on of ecological monetary, socioeconomic and organizational systems.

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However, the assumption on the independence of different-type random losses may be violated. In a series of cases, the scenario approach seems more adequate; it consists in the following. There are several scenarios of development. Each scenario gets realized with a certain probability and possesses a specific vector of losses. Evidently, different-type losses fail to be independent random variables. Let m′ equal the number of possible scenarios with independent realization and Pj be the probability of scenario j.

13 14 The symbol “E” denotes the mathematical expectation operator. , a natural disaster), or an ES on an aenterprise provokes a series of ESs on neighbor enterprises, and so on. 28 2 Control Mechanisms at the Level of Industrial Enterprises To apply the step penalty function, one should specify several thresholds x1, x2, …, xk for minimum permissible risk level. Consider the case when the profits of the industrial enterprise have the form ⎧χ , f = cu − z ( u ) − ⎨ ⎩ 0, if y > x, if y ≤ x. Select the strong penalty mechanism.

Scenarios 1 and 2 have the integrated rating of 2, whereas scenario 3 has the integrated rating of 3. 1, respectively. , close to the medium level). For the sake of comparison, define the integrated losses assessment under different-type losses as independent random variables. First, specify the probability pij of that loss i has rating j (see Table 7). 8 Now, apply the above algorithm to evaluate the probabilities of material and social losses. 08. 15. 15. Compare these results with the ones of the scenario approach to observe the following.

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