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4 JEKA(Ä)S AND THE CONJUNCTIVE TENSE Although this chapter has been basically concerned with jeka(a)s and Future III, it would not be out of place to mention at this point the use of jeka(a)s with the 11 Michel Wilmet, Concordance du Nouveau Testament Sahidique (Louvain, Secrdtariat du Corpus SCO, 1959), Vol. II, pt. 3, pp. 1402-1403. " For additional cases of the adjunctive use of höö- with jeka(a)s see Jn. 17:19; 19:35; I Cor. 16:16; II Cor. 8:9. 2a Occasionally one finds Future III with a nominal subject written with the third person verbal auxiliary.

Apoc. ' ίνα ... σφάξουσιν Though this type of vulgar Greek shown above was undoubtedly a stylistic matter on the part of the author, it serves to illustrate the increasing tendency during Koine times (ca. D. 6. Greek δπως or δπως μή with Subjunctive At least 36 times the Greek New Testament uses δπως or δπως μή in final clauses where the Coptic has jeka(a)s with Future III. ' δπως λάβωσιν Mt. ' δπως ... 7. ® In the following example, the jekas clause may be taken in the sense of a command.

17:19; 19:35; I Cor. 16:16; II Cor. 8:9. 2a Occasionally one finds Future III with a nominal subject written with the third person verbal auxiliary. 3:22; Wisd. 20:33. FUTURE III IN FINAL CLAUSES WITH ' J E K A A S ' 37 Conjunctive tense. In 22 places, well distributed throughout the New Testament,24 we find jeka(a)s employed with the Conjunctive. It is usually rendered from ίνα with the subjunctive. Most of these examples of jeka(a)s are found separated from the verb by either a circumstantial clause, conditional clause, comparative clause, relative clause or prepositional phrase.

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