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By Ava Chitwood

How does one die via philosophy? In Diogenes Laertius, philosophers leap into volcanoes, bury themselves in dung, get eaten through canine, hold themselves, drown, and vanish into skinny air -- occasionally all in one lifetime. yet what occurs once we glance past the glorious and absurd to check the actual ways in which the philosophers' lives and deaths are recounted?

Ava Chitwood's reexamination of Diogenes Laertius's philosophical biographies opens a brand new window at the highbrow tradition and context within which the paintings of philosophers like Empedocles, Heraclitus, and Democritus was once learn, acquired, and transmitted. Chitwood's research additionally indicates a technique for figuring out the interaction among biography and philosophy and for comparing biographical sources.

While Chitwood's procedure combines the disciplines of classical philology and philosophy, dying through Philosophy isn't meant exclusively for the professional. This research deals the trendy reader a desirable, clean, and wonderful view of the traditional literary and philosophical world.

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66] ελευθερον γεγονεναι και πασης αρχης αλλοτριον, ε ι γε την βασιλειαν αυτωι διδοµενην παρηιτησατο, καθαπερ Ξανθος εν τοι ς περι αυτου λεγει, την λιτοτητα δηλον οτι πλεον αγαπησας. τα δ αυτα και Τιµαιος [fr. 88a FHG I 214] ειρηκε . . According to the biographers, Empedocles’ reason for refusing the kingship is a preference of the simple life, a preference shared by Heraclitus, as we shall see. Other than the fact that both philosophers refuse a kingship, the two have nothing in common, and even their shared refusal functions differently in their biographies.

Empedocles the Politician Diogenes Laertius, in his discussion of Empedocles’ background, tells us that Empedocles was a member of a wealthy and politically prominent family of Acragas. 43 However Empedocles, like other philosophers, was able to overcome the twin handicaps of wealth and birth. 44 Although refusals such as these fall into a general category, their function differs from biography to biography or subject to subject. The same act can inspire praise for one philosopher and condemnation for another.

You will stop the force of the tireless winds, as they sweep across the earth shattering crops with their destructive blasts. Then, should you wish it, you will bring back these winds requited. From murky rain, you will bring a seasonable time for men and from burning drought, make now the streams that nourish trees, streams that dwell in the pure upper air. You will bring back from Hades the strength of a man who has perished. (fr. 111) ␸αρµακα δ οσσα γεγασι κακων και γηραος αλκαρ πευσηι, επει µουνωι σοι εγω κρανεω ταδε παντα.

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