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By Joel W. Martin, Keith A. Crandall, Darryl L. Felder

Decapod crustaceans are of super curiosity and significance evolutionarily, ecologically, and economically. there's no scarcity of courses reflecting the big variety of principles and hypotheses bearing on decapod phylogeny, yet until eventually lately, the world’s best decapodologists had by no means assembled to clarify and speak about relationships one of the significant decapod lineages and among decapods and different crustaceans. in line with the findings offered by way of a world team of scientists at a symposium supported through the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, The Crustacean Society, and a number of other societies, and with significant investment from the nationwide technological know-how origin, Decapod Crustacean Phylogenetics presents a accomplished synopsis of the present wisdom of this enormous and critical team of animals. This quantity includes state of the art studies of literature and methodologies for elucidating decapod phylogeny. The contributions contain reviews at the fossil foundation of decapods, morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyses, the evolution of mating and its pertaining to phylogeny, decapod "evo-devo" reports, decapod spermiocladistics, and phylogenetic inference. The specialists additionally current examine on initial makes an attempt to build the 1st identified phylogenetic tree for varied teams of decapods. a number of contributions provide the main accomplished analyses thus far on significant clades of decapods, and others introduce facts or methods that may be utilized in the longer term to aid unravel the phylogeny of the Decapoda. at present, the Decapoda comprise an anticipated 15,000 species, a few of which help seafood and marine industries worthy billions of greenbacks every year to the world’s economic climate. This quantity is an engaging review of the place we're presently in our knowing of those vital creatures and their phylogeny and likewise offers a window into the way forward for decapod learn. This paintings may be of serious curiosity to researchers, teachers, and scholars in marine biology, evolutionary biology, crustacean biology, source administration, and biodiversity database administration.

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For genes COI, 12S, 16S, 18S, 28S, H3, EF-2, TM9SF4, EPRS the species are A: E. robertsi and Procambarus clarkii (TM9SF4: Orconectes virilis), B: E. robertsi and Nephropsis aculeata (COI: Homarus americanus), C: P. clarkii (TM9SF4: Orconectes virilis) and N. aculeate (COI: Homarus americanus). Species for genes PEPCK and NaK are A: H. gammarus and Cherax quadricarinatus, B: H. gammarus and P. clarkii, C: C. quadricarinatus and P. clarkii. Decapod Phylogenetics and Molecular Evolution 19 Figure 5.

5 EMBRYONIC CHARACTERS HELP TO CLARIFY FRESHWATER CRAYFISH MONOPHYLY Freshwater crayfish, Astacida, show a very disparate geographical distribution. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Cambaridae are found in East Asia and in the eastern part of North America, whereas the Astacidae occur in western Asia, Europe, and in the western parts of North America. Development, Genes, and Decapod Evolution 39 Figure 7. Development of the 2nd maxilla and the scaphognathite in the parthenogenetic Marmorkrebs (Astacida).

Again, this is characteristic for biramous crustacean limbs and indicates that the two tips represent the exopod and endopod, since epipods do not express Dll (with the notable exception of the transient expression in epipods of Artemia and Nebalia, Averof & Cohen 1997; Williams 1998). With further development, the outer branch widens and grows in anterior and posterior directions, eventually adopting the characteristic lobed shape of the adult decapod scaphognathite (Fig. 7). In these later stages endopod and exopod still express Dll (Fig.

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