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2 Check that focus is on the form itself, not any of its components. The list box at the top of the Object Inspector should say Form1: TForm1. ) 3 Click the Events tab, and next to the OnCreate event, choose FormCreate from the drop-down list to create an event handler that describes what happens when the form is created (that is, when you open the application). Check here to make sure focus is on the main form. If it’s not, select Form1 from the drop-down list. Double-click here to create an event handler for the form’s OnCreate event.

To open the Resource DLL wizard, choose File|New|Other and double-click the Resource DLL Wizard icon. To configure the translation tools, choose Tools| Translation Tools Options. For more information... See “international applications” in the online Help index. Types of projects All editions of Delphi support general-purpose 32-bit Windows programming, DLLs, packages, custom components, multithreading, COM (Component Object Model) and automation controllers, and multiprocess debugging. Some editions support server applications such as Web server applications, database applications, COM servers, multi-tiered applications, CORBA, and decision-support systems.

Each of the images includes an active and a grayed out version of the image. You’ll see both images. Delete the grayed out (second) image. Then make sure the image index in the Object Inspector matches the new number assigned to this image in the image list. 5 Click OK to close the ImageList dialog box. Creating a text editor—a tutorial 4-11 Adding support for a menu and a toolbar 6 Select the ActionManager component and set its Images property to ImageList1. Click the down arrow next to the Images property.

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