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Corona and flame treatments give similar results. There are still challenges to the successful implementation of UV inkjet technology. Many of these challenges are similar to the hurdles UV inks faced in other printing applications such as lithography, screen and flexography. One challenge to UV inkjet ink growth is the high cost of the UV inkjet inks compared to conventional inkjet inks. UV-curable inks cost several times as much as conventional inkjet inks due to the higher cost of the raw materials.

For EB flexo ink the total applied wet film weight is lower. However, the weight is higher than the dry weight of the water- and solvent-based inks, leading to much higher print density and gloss over the entire range of anilox volumes. EB cyan ink is 45–65% higher in density and has considerably higher gloss than the water-solvent colour ink. Actual anilox selection depends on cell volume, depth-to-opening ratio and some other factors. Properties of EB- One of the benefits of EB curing is that the total energy delivered to a printed image cured inks is the same across a broad range of press speeds.

The printing is done by UV inks on an array of fixed inkjet heads, producing colour at a linear print speed of 100m (328ft) per minute and a resolution of 200dpi × 300dpi for a print width of 520mm. This is equivalent to 3,000 sq m (32,292 sq ft) per hour of output. UV-curable inkjet inks for plastics substrates New UV-curable inkjet inks have been developed for a wide range of applications in the plastics industry. They are intended to be jetted through piezo DOD printheads at elevated temperatures.

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