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26 Mikhael Albaz, a Sephardi intellectual, writes that researchers ascribe the exploitation and oppression of the Yemenite immigrants to rich Jewish farmers rather than to the socialist settlements. 27 In 1944 the veterans from the Ashkenazi settlements gathered at a graveside to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Berl Katznelson, the Zionist socialist intellectual. ' This woman, Aliza Shidlovsky, digressed to mention 'In this cemetery there is a special corner for graves of the Yemenites who came to Palestine following the mission of S.

It was up to Israel Frumkin, who had set up a society called Ezrat Nidahim to combat Christian missionaries, to help set up the first Yemenite village at Kufr Silwan. A Yemenite elder described their condition thus: they were living without any shelter, suffering from the heat of the sun by day and from the cold by night, begging bread from passers-by to no avail. They were sleeping under trees and dying of hunger and disease among the garbage heaps of Jerusalem. Then some Christians from the American Colony found them, heard their story and started to help them with food and housing, to the disgruntlement of Jewish religious circles who accused the Americans of attempted proselytizing.

In 1904 they tried to set up an agricultural village in the Jordan Valley, then at Har Tuv, but all their attempts failed. We shall see that prior to 1948, almost all Palestinian and Arab Jews' attempts in this domain failed since all Jewish funds were being spent on founding Ashkenazi Zionist settlements which were considered to be 'pioneer work' and kept 'pure' Ashkenazi with national, security and economic significance. They thus had a monopoly over the foundation of kibbutzim and moshavim and the role set aside for the Arab Jews was that of cheap 43 Discord In Zion hired labour.

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