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The commentary states that when they fall from there they will be reborn in hell (SA i 293) and given Anuruddha's final verse, from which it is clear that they are unaware of the Truth* of impermanence, it is likely that Buddhaghosa is right . That the puthuj j ana should fall into such births , however unpleasant, is not all for the hells , the animal-womb and the peta-plane, together with the world of the asuras, constitute the vinipata from which the savaka* is henceforth for all time freed .

This is no doubt because in the ariyasavaka* possessing panna* , mindfulness and concentration are established as a matter of course (S v 222) ; compare how it is precisely this order of events that is recalled by Sirima (Vv 1 67-9) : And t h e Buddha, the rishi-bull , the guide, taught me of the imp ermanence of uprising and dukkha; of the unconditioned* , of the cessation of dukkha, that are eternal; and of this path* , not crooked , straight, auspicious . When I heard (of) th e Deathless* place, the unconditioned*, the Teach­ ing of the Tathagata , the Unrivalled One, I wa s well and highly restrained in the precepts , firm in the Dhamma taught by the Buddha, the most excellent of men .

That is the Deathless"' , the fearless, that is whither they are bound . From that they do not return . a sraddhaya vidyayatmanam anvillyadityam abhijayante . . am (cp the sompanna'" being bound for enlightenment , sambodhiparayana) , etasman na punar avartante , ity ella nirodhai} - PraSna U 1 1 0; cp BU VI 2 1 5 ; CU V 10 1-2); and b Now th ose, v erily , who worship thinking, 'This will store up meritori­ ous deed s in heaven' , they gain only the lunar world. These alone return again (tad ye ha vai tad illta-piirte kl:tam ity upasate, te candramasam eva lokam abhij ayante, ta eva punar avartante - PraSna U I 9; cp BU VI 2 16 ; CU V 1 0 3 - 7) .

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