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By Ghazi A. Karim

Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines

offers a close dialogue of other sorts of dual-fuel diesel engines, the gaseous fuels they could use, and their operational practices. Reflecting state of the art developments during this quickly increasing box, this well timed book:

  • Explains the advantages and demanding situations linked to inner combustion, compression ignition, gas-fueled, and premixed dual-fuel engines
  • Explores methane and common fuel as engine fuels, in addition to liquefied petroleum gases, hydrogen, and different substitute fuels
  • Examines protection issues, combustion of gasoline gases, and the conversion of diesel engines to dual-fuel operation
  • Addresses dual-fuel engine combustion, functionality, knock, exhaust emissions, operational positive aspects, and management
  • Describes dual-fuel engine operation on substitute fuels and the predictive modeling of dual-fuel engine performance

Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines covers quite a few engine sizes and components of software, with an emphasis at the transportation region. The e-book presents a state of the art reference for engineering scholars, training engineers, and scientists alike.

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This type of device, which has been coined homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), when it works successfully, has the potential for further improvements in efficiency and reduction of emissions. 5 shows a schematic representation of the working of an HCCI engine. 2 Schematic of a spark ignition engine operating on premixed fuel–air. 3 Schematic of compression ignition diesel engine using liquid fuel injection. 4 Compression ignition engine of the dual-fuel type with pilot liquid fuel ignition and premixed gaseous fuel charge.

Heat is transferred from the engine cooling water to the secondary water circuit by means of a heat exchanger. This heated water is then passed through a form of waste heat boiler, where further heat is recovered, this time from the engine exhaust gases before they are discharged into the atmosphere. The dual-fuel engine is well suited for cogeneration applications. 3 A schematic arrangement of a cogeneration system producing power and hot water or steam supply simultaneously. power using the sewage gas produced, and can provide hot water to improve the effectiveness of the anaerobic sewage digestion processes.

The long-chain normal hydrocarbons that are easily oxidized tend to have high values of cetane number, while aromatic fuels, which are comparatively less prone to autoignition reactions, such as aromatics, have low cetane numbers. Suitable additives are often employed to improve the properties of fuels destined for diesel engine applications. 5. 5 Typical distribution of the products of refining crude petroleum. ) The Compression Ignition Engine 27 The employment of biodiesel fuels, which are derived from renewable resources, is not new, and some of the earliest diesel engines were developed to run on vegetable oils.

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