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By H. Deguchi

In agent-based modeling the point of interest is especially a lot on agent-based simulation, as simulation is a vital instrument for agent-based modeling. We additionally use agent-based simulation during this ebook with a tension at the mathematical starting place of agent-based modeling. We introduce unique mathematical frameworks, a concept of SLD (Social studying Dynamics) and an axiomatic concept of monetary trade (Exchange Algebra) between brokers. trade algebra supplies bottom-up reconstruction of SNA (System of nationwide Accountings). SLD presents the concept that of oblique regulate of socio-economic platforms to control structural switch and its balance. We additionally evaluate agent-based simulation with gaming simulation and examine the epistemological origin of agent-based modeling.

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Traditional methods that seek to understand, learn and analyze the complicated situations of socioeconomic systems through involving human beings as players in gaming simulation are also exploring new directions by incorporating computers and networks. In the past these two methods had very little to do with each other. However, it is very important to compare Agent Based Modeling with Gaming Simulation so as to determine ABM's validity and ability to describe actual socioeconomic systems. It is possible that a hybrid model combining both Gaming Simulation with human players and Agent Based Modeling will create a far wider range of possibilities.

A new type of mutual commitmen t structure is rapidly developing through the Internet and IT mediated world. 6 Commitment and Learning Rationality 41 FIG. 12 Meta Commitment Through Knowledge and Information and Its Support have to learn knowledge about the situation. Knowledge creates our evaluation landscape, which dominates our supporting attitude. In modern society, knowledge is supported by rather centralized systems. In postmodern society it will be supported by some IT mediated social networks.

One can play different gaming with combined rules: with taxation only, with taxation and subsidy, with simple taxation of 10%, with simple taxation of 20%, and with progressive taxation. Another interesting variation for the gaming is to introduce polls to decide on increasing the tax rate or changing the taxation rules. (7) Debriefing Discuss about the impoverishment of the society when there is a social dilemma and no institutional measures. Discuss about the process where monopolistic situations arise.

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