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Those who have mastered them up to the Divine level infuse themselves easily into the Primordial Consciousness, thus completing their evolution in the human form. After that they continue to exist in the capacity of an active Part of God-theFather. But one cannot walk this Path to Divinity to the end just by thinking about It. This is a long and difficult work of transforming oneself. This work can be compared to the work of an athlete who spends 46 many years in persistent and exhausting trainings in order to bring the body to perfection.

In order to get rid of vices we need to recall all the situations where each of them was manifested, to try to feel all the pain that we caused to the other living being and, having repented that we did it, to mentally reconstruct this situation in the correct way. It is by 36 using this method that we can destroy our wrong behavioral and thinking stereotypes and prepare in advance the patterns of ethically correct decisions. e. the correct understanding of what God, man and Evolution are) — Simplicity — Love — Karma yoga (serving God through serving other people in everything that is good) — Abandonment of the lower self for the sake of merging with the Higher Self of God — this is the scheme of spiritual work that was offered to people by Avatar Babaji.

The energy structure necessary for intensive growth of the individual consciousness is a set of the three lower chakras — this is called hara (or lower dantyan). But it would be a gross mistake if one starts spiritual work with development of this structure, since gaining personal power before having the developed function of love and without being profoundly adequate from the ethical standpoint can tempt one into cultivating ethical vices. In this case, psychoenergetic training, instead of bringing one a great benefit, will be tremendously harmful.

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