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By Ernest Callenbach

A singular portraying a destiny ecologically sustainable society situated in what used to be previously the states of Washington, Oregon, and northern California. it's a hopeful imaginative and prescient of what business society needs to develop into whether it is to outlive, offered in news-story and diary access types. Callenbach supplies us a bright, finished, optimistic imaginative and prescient of what the earth's destiny may seem like, if those that care approximately sustainability had a say. hugely innovative, this much-loved e-book is while blessedly right down to earth. approximately one million copies were bought in 9 languages.

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The Ragged Edge of the World: Encounters at the Frontier Where Modernity, Wildlands and Indigenous Peoples Meet

A pioneering paintings of environmental journalism that vividly depicts the folk, animals and landscapes at the entrance traces of change's inexorable march.

A species nearing extinction, a tribe wasting centuries of wisdom, a tract of woodland dealing with the 1st incursion of humans-how do we even start to verify the price of wasting quite a bit of our ordinary and cultural legacy?

For 40 years, environmental journalist and writer Eugene Linden has traveled to the very websites the place culture, wildlands and the a variety of forces of modernity collide. within the Ragged fringe of the international, he is taking us from pygmy forests to the Antarctic to the world's such a lot pristine rainforest within the Congo to inform the tale of the damage taking place-and the winning upkeep efforts-in the world's final wild places.

Requiem for Modern Politics: The Tragedy of the Enlightenment and the Challenge of the New Millennium

This long-promised sequel to Ophuls’ influential and debatable vintage Ecology and the Politics of shortage is an both provocative critique of the liberal philosophy of presidency. Ophuls contends that the trendy political paradigm—that is, the physique of political suggestions and ideology bequeathed to us by way of the Enlightenment—is now not intellectually tenable or virtually achievable.

The Danish Revolution, 1500–1800: An Ecohistorical Interpretation

This booklet tells the tale of a fertile eu nation that, due to over-population and armed forces armament, over-exploited its fields and forests in a nonsustainable model. via the eighteenth century, Denmark, in addition to different ecu international locations, chanced on itself in an ecological predicament: transparent felling of forests, sand go with the flow, floods, insufficient soil fertilization and farm animals affliction.

A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency

This day, we're faced by means of the gravest problem that humanity has ever confronted: the ecological effects of our collective activities. What function can Buddhism play in our reaction to this international obstacle? Can Buddhist traditions aid us meet this problem effectively? may still we specialize in prayer and meditation or social motion?

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