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Sometimes a church, alarmed by the polarity caused by too much innovation, will appoint an Ian or an Irene to the committee to keep the Eds under control. Conflict or paralysis can result. Must this happen? Is there a way to understand, to cope with these apparently irreconcilable poles? The obvious reason for the conflict is the immense variety in human personality present in every group. We can observe the same problems at our workplaces, at school, and in our families. Some of us function best in a clear structure, with well-defined expectations, with routines.

The result is that we are now caught in traditions of intensely personalized and individualized piety. One effect is the isolation many worshipers experience. Focusing on their individual relationships to God, they lose a sense of connection with others and with the world beyond their own preoccupations. So we see that in various historical periods we can find new elements in the "new" Christianity's worship. The new aspects have affected every area of the church's lifeits dogmas, its ethos, its structures, its prayer, its public worship.

True to God 21 B. True to the World 30 C. True to Ourselves 38 Design in Worship 47 A. It's How We Do It! 47 B. Form and Freedom 54 C. Planning a Service 62 D. Leadership Styles 67 E. Songs Ancient and Brand-New 70 F. Family Worship 81 Bible Words in Worship 89 A. How Christians Have Done It 90 B. Using the BibleStrengths and Weaknesses 92 C. Using the BiblePrinciples 96 D. The Courage to Edit 99 Page 8 Praise 124 A. Open Worship 125 B. "Lining Out" a Psalm 127 C. Opening with the Bible 129 D. Wide Horizons in Prayer 133 Confession 138 A.

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