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By P. G. Ciarlet, Jacques Louis Lions, Philippe G. Ciarlet

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The Kondo problem to heavy fermions

This e-book offers with the thoughts and methods which have been constructed to satisfy this problem and with their program to the translation of test. the writer surveys intimately the many-body ideas, scaling, renormalization team, Fermi liquid and Bethe ansatz, which result in an answer of the Kondo challenge for many of the theoretical versions.

From order to chaos II : essays, critical, chaotic, and otherwise

This booklet is a compilation of the evaluate papers, expositions and a few of the technical works of Leo Kadanoff, a theoretical physicist. the target is to place jointly a bunch of not-too-technical writing within which he discusses a few concerns in condensed subject physics, hydrodynamics, utilized arithmetic and nationwide coverage.

Bibliography of Magnetic Materials and Tabulation of Magnetic Transition Temperatures

This referenced compilation of magnetic transition temperatures represents (with the Addendum) papers truly got through the RMIC via could 1972 and contains lists (alphabetical by means of compounds), one for Curie and one for Neel temperatures. the place diversified values seemed within the literature for a unmarried compound, all are indexed with sepa­ fee references given for every.

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