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By Matthias Hein

The ebook develops a entire knowing of the outside impedance of the oxide high-temperature superconductors compared to the normal superconductor Nb3Sn. Linear and nonlinear microwave responses are taken care of individually, either when it comes to versions, theories or numerical methods and when it comes to experimental effects. The theoretical therapy connects basic elements of superconductivity to the categorical high-frequency homes. The experimental info overview the cutting-edge, as stated through many overseas teams. The publication describes additional the most good points of applicable instruction, dealing with, mounting, and refrigeration thoughts, and eventually discusses attainable functions in passive and energetic microwave devices.

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15. 2 K displaying different energy gaps and very low subgap currents. , Fig. 12) [116]. from the bulk DOS due to interface effects, especially when considering the coherence length being comparable to unit-cell dimensions. Besides the absolute value of A, its isotropy and multiplicity also affect the high-frequency transport properties. Angle-resolved photo emission spectroscopy gives clear evidence of a pronounced gap anisotropy within the CuO2 planes of the HTS compounds [113, 114]. , with respect to the CuO chains of YBa2 Cu307-x, are less clear [113,114,118,119].

Furthermore, the frequency response of the transmission coefficient is symmetric with respect to f = f0 at sufficiently low power levels. This consistency can be easily proven in experiment by verifying the identity f0 = (f+ + f_)/2. The loaded Q factor can be deduced from the FWHM of [$12[, as discussed in Sect. 1. 20) ' where i = 1 or 2. 20) is ambiguous: it is either 3~ < 1, corresponding to undercritical coupling (lower sign), or 3~ > 1 52 2. Measurements of the Surface Impedance at Linear Response at overcritical coupling (upper sign).

An important result of this is that the layered structure of the oxide superconductors leads to a noticeable extension of the gapless regime. The surface resistance was analyzed separately for the two subsystems in [88] for the case of YBCO. For fully oxygenated chains, R~ was in accordance with the BCS results presented before, thus reflecting the assumed 36 1. Temperature and Frequency Dependent Surface Impedance weak pair interaction. The occurrence of gapless superconductivity naturally resulted in enhanced residual losses.

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