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Once the pollen lands on the stigma, the pollen grain germinates and begins to grow a pollen tube that penetrates through the style (Fig. 14). In the tube are the male sperm that will unite with the female egg in the ovule. Fertiliza- Fig. 14. The process of fertilization. Fig. 13. Types of inflorescences. Chapter 2, The Idaho Master Gardener Program Handbook 2 - 11 tion occurs when sperm unites with the egg and an embryo begins to grow. A plant is self-fertile if it produces seed with its own pollen.

In other plants, this meristem continues to produce only vegetative structures (leaves and stems). If this is the case, flowers are produced on side branches in the axils of leaves some distance below the apex. The shoot meristem allows the plant to grow and increase in height. Another type of apical meristem is the root meristem, located at the tips of roots. The root meristems provide for elongation of the roots and produce the cells that will become the epidermis, cortex, and the xylem, cambium, and phloem of the mature root.

There are several ways to test if seeds are alive. Cutting open the seed to view the embryo can tell you if it ex- ists, but not whether it is alive. Seeds that float on water are usually not viable; live seeds will sink. Germinating a sample of seeds can tell you what percent are alive. Make sure seeds tested in this way are not dormant. Using a chemical such as tetrazolium that stains the live parts of the seed red is a good viability test. Removing the embryo from the seed to observe growth in artificial media such as agar is another way to test viability.

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